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a chronicle of tips and recipes on everything from gardening to canning and baking your produce, even if you're planted in suburbia...in fact, especially if you are planted in suburbia.

Spirituality and the Garden

Much can be learned about the Creator and the creation when gardening. 

The garden is a great place to pray while you work. 

It is also a great place to learn what to pray while you work.

To the attentive gardener, a garden can be a subtle teacher, metaphorically reaching deep places in the gardener's soul and giving instruction there.

For instance, a gardener cuts open a newly-grown pepper and discovers many more seeds than will ever become plants...so the gardener learns something of God's intentions and the hope of potential growth in every life, in every person created.

Every Sunday, a nature-related devotion is included to enrich the gardener's reflective side as he cultivates more than just a little plot of soil.  Even as dawn breaks slowly and gently across a morning mist, so truth can germinates right alongside a cabbage plant, but only for the humbly discerning.