...if you have a backyard and a kitchen, this blog might be for you!

a chronicle of tips and recipes on everything from gardening to canning and baking your produce, even if you're planted in suburbia...in fact, especially if you are planted in suburbia.

What You Might Find Here...

This blog is dedicated to the gal who is a latter-day Anne of Green Gables, to the guy who would love to grow cucumbers and make pickles like his grandpa used to do.  It's for anyone who would love to modestly present a gift that easily could have been purchased at an up-scale bazaar and say instead, "Actually, I made it myself."    

The topics lilt through the season at a leisurely pace, drifting along--as does life for the suburban gardener and canner--wherever the garden dictates.  But the topics are categorized, so if you should want to see if a particular topic has made an appearance, you shouldn't find your search too difficult.  This blog is more of a conversation than it is a lecture, although links are often provided for the more deeply curious.  Tips and techniques in gardening and canning are included along with recipes for everything from pickle relish to bath salts, but all is incidental to the garden and its productivity.  Accomodations are often included for the container gardener or for the canner who simply works with produce purchased at farmers' markets.

Most of all, this blog is designed to brighten and sooth even if the garden is only a garden of the imagination.  Sitting on a back porch and watching the sun set over a garden can be delightful, whether it's your own garden or not.  Hopefully, you'll get a taste of the same sort of pleasantry here.