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Monday, July 19, 2010

Where Does Your Garden Grow?

Dream of sprawling furrowed rows of good earth awaiting a healthy crop, but realizing a scrap of terracotta in a sunny window is the best you can hope for on your own property? Don't turn away with a sigh, keep the dream alive with this post!

Recent conversations about creative problem-solving juxtaposed with talk of laments over lack of garden space led me to offer this particular post. Not a lot of my own writing found here...mostly it's a post of links, but links to inspire from realities that have already moved from the dreaming to the doing phase.

At the moment, your reality might be that you have no "place" to put a garden, but if the gardener spirit looms in your breast, don't squelch its longings...just emigrate them!

If you follow this blog, you know I'm looking at the possibility of putting a garden into the backyard of a big house that serves as a drop-in center for homeless teens in my city. And other opportunities for altruistic gardening projects are endless! Prime the idea pump with these ideas and then take a look around--there might be a school or ministry that would love to offer you ground space for a share in your crops and a meaningful task for their membership.

Happy dreaming!

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