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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Meanwhile, Back with the Seed Catalog...

Have you had a chance to secure and peruse a seed catalog yet? I've been licking my thumb until it's pruny,dog-earing pages, and writing lists as those dreams of becoming more and more a "real" farmer swell.
So far, I've organized my shopping list into categories under the following labels:

Have to get (as in necessities for growth in the coming season)
Want to get (but don't need and might not be able to afford)
Seriously?? (fun and sometimes quirky but not at all necessary to my gardening needs)

Examples of each are as follows:
I have to get $75 worth of stuff for free shipping
Want to get a raspberry lemonade color mix for my zinnia patch
Seriously?? the worm factory 360

I have to get a bean tower for pole beans
Want to get sea weed organic growth activator
Seriously?? a "moisture songbird" that sings when plants need watering

I have to get "productive, super disease resistant" tomato hybrid this year
Want to get an electronic soil tester
Seriously?? a leather belt sheath for my gardening knife (to go with the garden-hero cape I plan to get, too)

I have to get a new seed starter supply kit
Want to get tunnel covers for plant rows
Seriously?? a digital sunlight meter

I have to get backyard composter (although my husband thinks of this more as a want to get)
Want to get drain spout rain barrel with spigot for easy irrigation
Seriously?? an $800 snap-together green house

I have to get new gardening trowels and pruners
Want to get 101 Things to Do with Zucchini cookbook
Seriously?? leaf shredder (my lawnmower works just fine for this)

The beauty of the garden catalog? Others might flip my list exactly upside down. Vive la difference--garden to garden!

Happy sorting!

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