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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Midwinter Garden Calendar Review

As I type this, the weather man is telling me all about the wind chill advisories keeping the layer of ice on my garden firmly entrenched--at least until later in the week. But...this weekend, comes a big thaw! If he's right, I know I'll want to get out and breath the first air that holds a hint of spring. This weekend might also be a good time to run through the midwinter to-do list, just in case another weather system comes through after this weekend, thwarting any gardening efforts for yet another week or two. So, here is what the Gardening Basics book recommends for midwinter gardening activity. Both the edible and ornamental garden calenders are merged here, seeing so much overlap exists:

Test soil pH before applying lime

Hang up garlic bulbs to dry

Plant fruit bushes and trees

Plant garlic (if you haven't already)

Lift and store root crops for further winter use

Check fruit in store

Plant hedges

Lift layered plants

Start forcing rhubarb

Lift leeks and parsnips as required

Disinfect canes and supports not treated earlier

Make a new compost heap

Take root cuttings

Collect and compost leaves as they fall

Cut down the dead tops on herbaceous perennials

Order seeds and bulbs

Check stored corms, bulbs, and tubers for mold and rot

Clean and service lawn mower if not done earlier

Knock heavy snows off hedges and conifers before it turns to ice (unless it started out ice, as in our area recently)

Insulate cold frames against frost

Happily, the next calendar will be the late winter one, coming early in March. By then, Hubby and I will spend less time staring out at the scene and more time being involved in it. I don't know about you, but after this exceptionally harsh winter, I'm looking forward to spring all the more!

Happy winter-work!

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