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Friday, December 16, 2011

If I Lived in a Compost Bin...

(I wrote this before Christmas but didn't get it posted.  Bringing it along today.)
 Life has scraps, and they're not just in the kitchen.  Today, I gathered a mess of left-over yarn from various projects and considered what to do with it.  None of it is in sufficient quantities to make even a humble pot holder...and I sighed because life today feels like just so many useless scraps.  Excess that outlasts former uses but is insufficient for crafting anything new. 
Today that is me as I look backward and try to think forward. 

Then I read a quote:  Live out of your imagination, not out of your past.
Imagination I still have in plentiful supplies. 
So even though my "real" view out the front door is a drooping Snoopy Santa whose companion, Charlie Brown, is flat on his face, invisible just beyond the dead mums, I can pretend I see something else.  I can pretend I haven't been out there three times already resetting the pair, anchoring them again and again.  (This time, they'll be tied to the lamp post.)
 I can turn on my television where this beautiful winter wonderland showcase is displayed, and I can pretend I see that out my window instead of the grass that doesn't understand this warm winter and is conflicted over whether it should or shouldn't try to grow.
And, I'll take those gumball-sized yarn scraps and knit from a pattern I found for a stole that runs one strand at a time, like ribbons of color and texture that offer something lovely, intricate, and diverse in their common purpose.

Then something mysterious and large comes to my mind as I think how this scarf will be quite a memorable thing as each strand reminds me of something else--a pair of socks, my first hat of hand-spun yarn, my family's favorite crocheted afghan...
This will remind me of them all.
Tidings of comfort and joy to lay across my shoulders.  I can surely imagine that!

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  1. I love scrap projects... some of the most beautiful works of art!