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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Garden Bouquet-Making

 Getting something that goes into a vase well and lasts is not that difficult to accomplish.  But, a little education on the topic helps.  I found a nice article in the September, 2011 issue of Birds and Blooms that offer some good reminders for how to build a nice, well-lasting bouquet.

Some of their tips for going from field to vase include the following:
  • pick in the cooler hours of the day
  • choose blooms that aren't yet fully open
  • don't just break the stems, but cut with a knife or scissors
  • don't submerge leaves in the vase water, remove them
  • add a couple of drops of bleach and a pinch of sugar to lukewarm water for the vase
  • don't display the bouquet in direct sunlight
  • don't forget to change the water every few days

Happy flower arranging!


  1. Thanks for the tips. I love having fresh flowers in the house.

    Cindy Bee

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Have a happy 4th.

    Cindy Bee