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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Early Winter To-Do List for the Ornamental Gardener

For me, ornamental gardening equates to this: a fake fern stashed atop the book-shelf. Or maybe, the other: a stylized photo of the snow-covered, generic bushes alongside the front porch.

But, many other gardeners are just as enthused about their ornamental gardens as I am about my edible one; so, ornamental gardeners, the following to-do list is especially crafted for you:

Test soil pH before applying lime
Make a new compost heap
Take root cuttings
Lift and divide herbaceous plants
Collect and compost leaves as they fall
Cut down dead tops on herbaceous perennials
Take hardwood cuttings
Order seeds
Check stored bulbs, corms and tubers for mold and rot
Plant trees and shrubs
Clean and service lawn mower before winter storage

Deep snows came earlier than usual in our area, making some of this list uncharacteristically over-due--we almost have mid-winter conditions going here. But consider this a friendly reminder for any of these you ornamental gardeners forgot to do earlier.

P.S. What is a corm?

Happy word-searching!

1 comment:

  1. I don't know the difference between a corm and a bulb, they are very similar. I think gladiolas come from corms. They are plant "bulbs."

    Merry Christmas!