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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy Trails

Spring Break...a concept unfamiliar to most hard core gardeners if it includes travel. "Isn't spring a little too busy to be thinking of traipsing off for a week?" asks the garden club reproachfully. Despite the busy season, a little pre-planning can offer the opportunity to take advantage of those spring break discounts without requiring you to put off installing the garden until you return home.

I, for instance, got some seedlings planted and then put a teenage boy in charge of watering and turning my seedling pots in the windowsills. Overall, everything fared pretty well. Although one pot of seedlings died away, the rest are thriving, grown taller and sturdier since I saw them last. What's more, that extra week has now put the external temperatures high enough that a few of those seedlings--like the spinach and radish container--can now move outside.

And as a treat, rather than garden pictures, I'll share from the vacation album some of the beautiful pics of Blue Ridge, Georgia, ones thathitched a ride home with us via our camera when spring break 2011 was finished.

Happy travels!

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