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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sabbath Rest: the Garden on Pentecost

One gift of keeping a garden is its unceasing need for attention.

At times, this may not seem such a gift.

At times, it seems a burden.

But, that way it has of

perpetually drawing us in--

it keeps us grounded;

gives us an overall linear purpose

despite the changes in its life and seasons.

This day in the liturgical calendar is marked as Pentecost.

Whitsunday, it was once called.

Not so much anymore...still...

the day itself is commemorated.

Historic, yet very current, ever present.

So if you have them in your growing place

walk among the red and white flowers...
the living paraments and vestments

of this place you know as your garden.

Consider how it was

in March

and how it will be in October.

Add something stone but also

Plant something new.

Worship without words

the One who reconciled all the things that were

and are

and are to be

to Himself.

Happy Pentecost.

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