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Friday, July 22, 2011

Garden Pilgrimage: State Parks and Perennials

All work and no play...as the saying goes...

This time of year in the garden, so much potential for work jumps readily to mind that play-time seems unwise until either the brain or the hands or both fry under the incessant load...

...and you grow careless, doing things like inadvertently spraying organic bug spray for the home where you meant to spray insecticidal soap for the garden, killing a number of leaves but hopefully no actual plants. Oops...

It's a sign--time to take a few days to enjoy life apart from the work it involves.


Renew the mind and body.

So...I'll water.

I'll harvest what needs to be harvested...and give away what won't quickly and easily freeze.

Just for a day or two.


In that spirit, I'll share a few pics from a recent trip to a wonderful state park in my area. Mostly known for it's beautiful fall colors, Brown County State Park is nevertheless a beautiful place to visit in the summer as well...

With friends and their mom and grandma, we went to the nature center to get the criteria for earning our state park pin.

With acres and acres of park to beautify, it's little wonder that perennials play a large part in any formal garden work in this place.

But the bees and the butterflies don't mind which plants are available...so long as they are indeed available.

The trail itself, opened other delights. No formal gardens here, but no less the beauty offered.

...as the sun pierced through the tree tops to grace the gentle wildflower carpet below.

...where even poison ivy could appear lovely in its proper place.

back to the trail head and the center to log in with the naturalist and get our reward pin.

All this loveliness makes me think we might just take the time away from the work to earn pins at more of these state parks...even when we don't "need" the break.

Happy hiking!

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