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Friday, July 1, 2011

On the Joys of Plant Personification...

Besides all the good it is for the environment and for the health of your family...besides all the mystic wonder and meditation-fodder you can find in its evolving seasons, the garden should be a place to have fun! My new blog-friend, Reality Jane, helps me remember that important garden postulate!

I have named all my garden plants :

Cherry Tomato: Chico

Regular Tomato: Big Red

Pepper Plants: Pepper, Patty, and Paul Bell
(FYI...My cucumber plant , Clyde, had his creepy little vines around Patty Bell this morning.)

Banana Pepper: Spicy Joe Johnson

Carrots: I just call them all baby sprouts...hehe

Cucumber : Clyde the Vine
(Look at my garden!!!! Can you believe....??? My cucumber plant, Cucumber Clyde the Vine , is trying to be somewhat aggressive and is causing some havoc in the raised bed...I have been trying to persuade him to wander toward the wood pile....He is a gangster, for sure.)

Watermelon: Melony Sweet

I know I'm weird......I..pretty much....... have no life.

May your garden always be such a fun place, Jane! You absolutely make me interested in the saga of your plants' ongoing lives.


  1. RJ is a fun person for sure...and her imagination is great.

    Cindy Bee

  2. I'm so glad she was in your blog roll. That's where I found her. I think that's also where she found me. She has such a delightful sense of humor!