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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Market Pilgrimage: City Garden and Patio Show

New phone with decent camera + half a day to wander around using it = too many photos for one blog post!  Last week my neighbor and I took our first market pilgrimage of the year to the Indianapolis Garden an Patio Show at the state fair grounds.  This one was a big enough adventure that I think I'll divide it over two posts.  Too many beautiful displays to narrow down to one reasonably sized blog post, and in case you don't have access to such a garden show near your home, I'd love to fully share mine with you.  Enjoy!

As nondescript as this building looks on a gray March day, the inside quickly proves to be a wonderland of springtime beauty.

Shops of all sorts run like strands of pearls down the long pavilion, from hand-made soaps... 

...to flavored honeys and jellies;...

from humble little water gardens...

...to sprawling streams, so many options were put on display. 
(Personally,I favor the running stream idea; it takes me back to afternoon hikes in the woods where I grew up. 
That said, recreating it ain't as cheap as letting nature do it for you!)

Some displays were unique:  this checkerboard mixed walkway for instance...
... while other trendy options spread like a plague through the place. 
I could show photos of 10 other displays of rock pit fires like this one. 

Altar-esque alcoves with elements of light and mist added to the water and plant life seemed popular this year, too.

...making it tempting to just sit and bask in the loveliness of a few of the displays. 
(Say hi to Joni!)
We'll sit here a while and visit another pavilion tomorrow!

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