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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Market Pilgrimage: Flower and Patio Show (2)

Down to the nitty gritty today.
The whole escapade wasn't all about wandering through idyllic mock-gardens. Part of it was spent visiting sales booths.  A few things were a bit off the mark--like the jewelry polishing booth, (OK, maybe if I mess around in the dirt without gloves and get my rings dirty??) and the dip sample booth (Take a pretzel and choose a dip...to eat at your next backyard barbecue??)

But some shops were right on the money--like this booth of organic heirloom seeds, all produced in a neighboring state. Their uniqueness was in their labeling.  They were marked with all sorts of "extra" info, like the history of that particular plant's association with the area, whether it is still frequently grown, etc.

But many of the booths were glutted with a wild array of goods, places where you hugged your purse to your chest just so you wouldn't "have" to buy something you just inadvertently broke.

The cut flowers booth was a hit with us, although we both noted one disappointment there:  nothing aromatic.  The flowers were lovely but virtually without scent--even the roses.  Ah, well...

Finally, some of the booths offered quirky options for repurposing and recycling.  This bird feeder, for example, is made from an old tire, sliced up and painted to resemble a flower with an old window screen stapled to fill its center.
Fortunately, this particular show didn't cater to only one economic strata.  Some for-purchase options, like this terrarium were on the pricier side...

...while others--like this cactus in a jar--were quaint and relatively cheap.

While I didn't buy them, these gardening boots got my blood so stirred up I wanted to take my feet straight out into the dirt.  I was ready to go home, put on my gardening clogs (nowhere as fun as these, but serviceable) and transplant some of those seedlings into their larger permanent garden home.  Funny to think, that garden plot is where they'll stay for the remainder of their lives. 
Come to think of it, maybe they deserve a fun-looking pair of boots tromping around them, if boots must tred their personal space at all.

Happy wandering!

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