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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Easy Chocolate-dipping Sauce

Want to know a quick easy dessert recipe?
I mean easier than a boxed cake mix.
Almost as easy as opening a bag of store-bought cookies and dishing up ice cream.
Dipping chocolate.
That's it. 
Dipping chocolate. 
It's easy to make even without a double boiler.  If you have a microwave, you're three minutes away from dipping whatever your little heart desires.
Set the power at level 6 or 7, and give a few blocks of chocolate 2  minutes of cook time. Depending on how much chocolate you're melting, the 2 minutes might be sufficient and you can start dipping then and there. If, however,  a few un-melted chunks are still floating after a little stirring, give it another 10 seconds and stir again.  You might throw in a few dark chocolate chips as well, to give it a richer flavor, but the cooking process remains the same. You could even melt white chocolate chips or peanut butter chips using the same process. But, I digress.
Back to the dipping.
If dipping strawberries, I'd advise you dry them after washing, and select ones that are firm, without soft spots.  Both moisture and soft spots cause the chocolate to fail to adhere to the berry.  After dipping, scrape the bottom of the berry against the side of the bowl to avoid dripping, then place it in a cupcake paper on a cookie sheet to dry. I'd refrigerate until ready to use.

Chocolate-dipped berries are an easy item to prep and take to holiday parties or serve up at a holiday luncheon. But don't forget, you can always dip other things like pretzels or marshmallows, too.
What's more, you can pour the remaining liquid chocolate into a greased and parchment-lined pan, scatter peppermint chips, nuts, etc. across it, refrigerate until it sets, and then break it into chunks for an easy chocolate "candy" option.

Happy dipping!

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