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Friday, January 17, 2014

Arm Knitting

 Forget that co-worker's birthday?
The one who gave you the fabulous gift on YOUR last birthday?
Want to give something that says "I made this for you?" even though you know you hardly have the time to make anything?  Not a problem!

What you see in the above pic is my arm in the first stage of "arm-knitting" a scarf according to a tutorial video found here. The tutorial--posted on the Michaels stores website-- is quick and easy to follow--although I did have to mute the happy little background music. By the third or fourth run through the tune, I was getting nauseated and besides I needed to concentrate on her hand work!
According to friends who are doing this, I should be able to make a nice big cowl scarf in about an hour! Well...of course I rose to that challenge.

By golly, they were right!
One hour later, I'm wearing this new cowl scarf! It's double-wrapped here, but can be worn long like a big strand of swingy-pearls. Never fear! You can make that gift, and in plenty of time! She'll never know you forgot until the very last minute.
What's more, it could be a great project for using up scraps. This scarf is such a loose weave it hardly used much yarn at all!

Happy arm-knitting!


  1. That is awesome and I may just give it a try. Do you recommend a bulky yarn?

  2. I do! This is pretty much decorative, but if I'd used a chunky yarn I think it would be pretty full and fluffy!