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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Morning Meditation

"A pilgrim was walking along a road when one day he passed what seemed to be a monk sitting in a field.  Nearby, men were working on a stone building.
'You look like a monk,' the pilgrim said.
'I am that,' said the monk.
'Who is that working on the abbey?'
'My monks,' said the man. 'I'm the abbot.'
'It's good to see a monastery going up,' said the pilgrim.
'They're tearing it down,' said the abbot.
'Whatever for?' asked the pilgrim.
'So we can see the sun rise at dawn,' said the abbot."
--Meditations by Thomas Moore

This Easter, pledge to tear down what obstructs your view of the dawn...and look for that leader who will bless such a work at your hands' doing.

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