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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Holy Week Meditation

Holy Saturday, and more Meditations with Thomas Moore...

...and with a sleeping kitty.
The Book of Common Prayer offers the following prayer for this day, the ultimate day of rest in Christendom:

O God, Creator of heave and earth:  Grant that, as the crucified body of your dear Son was laid in the tomb and rested on this holy Sabbath, so we may await with him the coming of the third day, and rise with him to newness of life; who now lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God for ever and ever.  Amen.

"Withdrawal from the world is something we can, and perhaps should, do every day.  It completes the movement of which entering fully into life is only one part.  Just as a loaf of bread needs air in order to rise, everything we do needs an empty place in its interior...Simply getting away from linear life, going away in mood or reflection, walking away from the action, or shutting down business as usual:  this is all the start of retreat and the core of the monastic spirit--only a walk away." 
--Meditations by Thomas Moore

Empty your schedule a bit today, take a soul walk--all the better to appreciate the empty tomb tomorrow!

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