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Monday, May 7, 2012

When the Garden Becomes Ambitious

So why is my crochet bin of cotton dishcloth yarn on the kitchen counter today?
Because cotton thread is good for a multitude of uses!
Today it is my primary tool in herb-drying.

And, I'm herb drying because my dill is coming back volunteer this year in such volume that it could even choke out the palm-tree-like Brussels sprouts growing alongside it.  I pulled this much today as if it were a weed, and I still have at least as much more to pull, just to give the Brussels sprouts breathing room.
My naturopath friend, upon hearing me cry for dill recipes, said:  "Recipes?  Who needs recipes!  Dill goes with EVERYTHING, except maybe dessert."
But just in case you want to be discriminating about what to do with dill or other herbs that you might not be able to "use up"  while they're still fresh.  Here are a few links, one for drying and a few others my Love to Cook Sister sent me!

Dill is one of the easier ones.  You can simply tie it up with that cotton thread or string and hang it in an airy place to dry.  When the leaves are crumbly dry, take it down, crumble the leaves and keep them in an airtight container in a dark place until you need to use it.  Or, send bags of it out to a plethora of friends, as I'll be doing.
Happy adapting!
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