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Saturday, May 5, 2012

You're Good to Grow...

Nearly all flowers are lovely and bring a smile to the face of their beholder, but some are especially suited to the vegetable garden. Yesterday, when I visited the deep freeze to grab a jar of frozen tomato sauce and some salsa, I impulsively grabbed the last baggie of rose petal potpourri just for fun.

I mixed it with an interesting batch of dried wild sage that I bought at a spring festival, and the wonderful aroma of it turned my mind to my flower seed stock.  Another winter will come, and I'll be wanting the smell of flowers in my hair as I walk into it, even if it is just the scent of potpourri  lodging in my locks as the forced air heat blows it around.
So today, I looked through my flower seed packets and realized I bought far too many seeds this spring.  I will have to poke them in holes in the yard much like you cram the last few necessities in a suitcase!  But nasturtiums--see them there near the front?  Now this is a flower I'll make intentional space for in the vegetable garden.  And here's why:
Bonus blog linkhttp://igrowveg.com/2010/07/5-reasons-why-you-should-grow-nasturtiums-near-vegetables/

The bonus blog link today is not so much bonus as vital today.

Happy blossoming!

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