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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

In the Interim

 So the Christmas rush is over, and you finally have time to sit for a spell and enjoy your own holiday decorations before they all come down and return to their storage bins. Here in the eye of the storm that is the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve, we find a moment to catch our breath.

But even as you take that breather, your mind is already envisioning the novelty-food needs for the upcoming holiday's party.  If you made a double batch of that Chex mix I blogged here, then you probable still have enough of it, but what about candy?

A quick and easy candy option has us revisit another old blog post about that highly versatile melting chocolate. Besides using the chocolate as a dipping source for fruits, pretzels, etc., it can also simply be poured out on waxed paper and spread thinly, then sprinkled with anything from nuts and candies to toffee chips, peanut butter chips, etc. Let the candy cool. When it hardens, break it into chunks most often called "bark" in candy lingo.


These are 5-minute candy recipes, folks! So sit a few minutes longer. Enjoy that late afternoon sunlight shining on your mantle display. Brew that extra pot of tea.
And, speaking of tea, keep these recipes handy for your traditional tea party plans. To be authentic, everything served at a tea party must be homemade, and these candies complete the dessert tier of the tea server nicely. A piece of candy to top off a scone and fruit sets the menu for the dessert course.
More on the tea menu in a later post, but for now...
Happy relaxing!


  1. mmmm, I've been hungry for scones lately. I think I'll make some for the premier of Downton Abbey's 4th season. Hey good to see you are back blogging. I read a couple of your posts the other day when you left a comment on my blog. I will go back and re-read them again when things are a little slower. Which should be in the next couple of days. Have a happy New Year.

    Cindy Bee

  2. Hi, Cindy Bee! Say, I may actually have a group of people come with me to this year's winter woolen workshop. Hope to see you there!