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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Looking Glass River Garden

Few of us have garden and lawns so expansive that streams course through them. These first pics are from New Harmony, IN--a virtual garden town. Though my own garden is a compact little nook of a garden, still I can dream...

Looking Glass River by Robert Louis Stevenson

...We can see our coloured faces

Floating on the shaken pool

Down in cool places,

Dim and very cool.

Till a wind or water wrinkle,

Dipping marten, plumping trout,

Spreads in a twinkle

And blots all out.

See the rings pursue each other;

All below grows black as night

Just as if mother

Had blown out the light!

Patience, children, just a minute--

See the spreading circles die;

The stream and all in it

Will clear by-and-by.

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