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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sabbath Rest with Corrie ten Boom and the Woodpecker

(I didn't have a stock woodpecker shot in my personal file, but here are some nice ones of Joshua trees. Scott took them on his travels. You'll have to imagine the woodpecker...)

June 3

A woodpecker tapped with his beak against the stem of a tree just as lightning struck the tree and destroyed it. He flew away and said, "I didn't know there was so much power in my beak!" When we bring the Gospel there is a danger that we will think or say, "I have done a good job." Don't be a silly woodpecker. Know where your strength comes from. It is only the Holy Spirit who can make a message good and fruitful.

It is not try, but trust. It is not do, but done. Our God has planned for us, great victory through His Son.

Who can utter the mighty doings of the Lord...? Psalm 106:2

Holy Spirit, make us jealous for God's honor.

--from Each New Day

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