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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Global Day of Service

Table prepped for tea and crochet day at Outreach, Inc.

Global Day of Service is today! Here in my city, big companies like Eli Lilly are sending workers out to landscape along interstate highways--an annual tradition for them now. For me, service has become a way of life, and I count myself fortunate to have so much time available for it.

Hobbies make great vehicles for service that not only feel good to your soul but also to your spirit of play. That's why I went out and drummed up interest in knitting and crocheting for a cause. Today's photo essay honors the young people who joined me. The first group meet two mornings a month. They're the homeless teens at Outreach, Inc. We've started with learning to make practical things like hats, scarves and baby afghans. Two staff members joined in for the fun, too.

The second group meet afternoons twice a month. They're making squares for the knit a square charity. These high school students are meeting at the local library's teenzone where they are not only learning a new skill, but also becoming part of the tide of tangible support dealing with the AIDS epidemic in Africa, making blankets pieces for orphan babies there.

Once again, staff get to join the fun...

...and kids got to learn something that would be relevant from day one.

Have box, will travel! It's becoming my motto. But, today I pause long enough to talk about how proud I am of these young people for their hope and enthusiasm as they look to improve their own lives and their world.

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