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Friday, October 21, 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes--Garden Calendar

the last of summer's growth
The midautumn garden calendar involves major scene-changing activity.  Tonight is the first serious frost advisory in my area, and today is the first day when rain and high winds don't keep me just staring at the garden through the window so I will make major changes to my garden spot.  Actually, I was letting it run rather wild even before the rains and winds invaded...obviously.  But now that frost is threatening, I'm on a timer for retrieving the last of the frost-free fare.

A few things, will remain. Flowers that have run rather dormant in the heat are beginning to flourish again. They'll remain.

Snow peas will abide, although they could use a soap-spritz for the aphids.

Beans peppers, and tomatoes will come in.  The last of the green tomatoes are going to make a small batch of piccalilli relish (had to look up not just the recipe but also the spelling for that one.) 

Then, many of the plants are cut or pulled and added to either the compost heap or the curbside yard trash for the city to collect.  Finally, the bird feeder is filled and the soil is raked.
A few flowers are left on a lark.  More expectantly, the brussel sprouts remain, as well as the snow peas--already mentioned, green onions, kohlrabi, and lettuce--which will go undercover tonight alongside the green pepper plant, hopefully to enjoy at least another week of frost-free productivity after tonight.

Soon I'll plant garlic and--if I can find them--cabbages for a spring harvest. 
Other things on the calendar that go beyond my own garden's reach:
continue to harvest and store apples and pears
cut down asparagus
apply greasebands to fruit trees and prune berry bushes

Happy first frost!

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