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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Recipe Forgeries

Recipe forgeries, there is no such thing, right?  We tweak them, adapt them, modify them, play with the fat and the calories and the gluten, but recipes aren't like works of art now, are they?  Well, I took a recipe for "brats with apples and onions" from The Quilter's Kitchen as "inspiration" for my own not-quite-a-forgery recipe.
This part in the skillet was mostly the same as if I'd followed the book's recipe religiously, pretty closely in fact right up to the bottle of beer I didn't pour on it.  But the final product isn't a skillet of chunked up brats and apples.  It's this:

...something completely different and hardly a forgery!  I love taking what I have on hand in the pantry and icebox and draping them over the basic frame of a tried-and-true recipe.  In fact, this recipe for pork loin and autumn vegetables was a successful enough overhaul that I made it my first "post" to a recipe site where I keep my cyber recipe box.

Happy recipe building!

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