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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Thoughts for Festive Foods"

Have you ever searched out a cookbook published in your birth year?  I found one today.
While prepping breakfast at the drop-in center for homeless teens where I volunteer, I came across this book which they graciously allowed me to borrow.  A quick glance told me it was probably a donation for it surely didn't "fit" the no-nonsense fare of the drop-in center; nor did it fill much of a gap in my own cooking life.  Although it was published in my birth year--and I'm not THAT old, it seemed more likely to fulfill the needs of people who lived 150 years ago, apart from the use of that new-fangled invention:  baking powder. 

For instance, modern cookbooks rarely differentiate between recipes for the hostess herself to make versus ones prepared by the full kitchen staff.  (In fact, I can't think of a single cooking friend who has enjoyed the assistance of a scullery maid.  Well maybe one...)

So what sort of menus are we talking about?  Here is a sampling.  Should you find yourself in any of these "festive" situations, feel free to request the appropriate menu.  I'd be happy to forward it to you.  The next time you're preparing:
a symphony luncheon
a summer artists' luncheon
a garden walk tea
a post polo dinner
a "6 p.m. Before the Opera" dinner
Opening Night Chafing Dish Supper
or my personal favorite:
Curling We Must Go stag supper
let me know of your menu needs.

Or, should you be curious about making spaetzle, blintzes, escabeche, braised sweetbreads, or any sort of cake still termed an "icebox" cake, or if you'd like options on 13 different vegetable and herb garnishes for enhanced presentation--well, I'm your source gal for any of these!

Yes, for the entertainment value, I'll give this cookbook five stars.  And maybe some of the recipes--while quirky in their presentation--might nevertheless be worth trying.

I'll let you know, just as soon as I find me a 14 pound goose.

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