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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sabbath Rest with St. Francis

How much do you know about St. Francis of Assisi, beyond his love for animals, captured in statuary so frequently?  Here's a snippet about his life, if any life can be so captured:
"The son of a wealthy merchant, as a young man he served as a soldier, renowned for both bravery and high living.  After his conversion at the age of twenty-three he embraced a life of poverty, in imitation of Jesus...In 1208 he set out on foot, to preach the gospel.  He was soon joined by others, who were inspired by his gentle love and radiant joy, and they eventually formed themselves into a religious order."  One of his more famous prayers--Brother Sun, Sister Moon--fits the blog so beautifully I thought I'd share some of it, along with a few more "human" photos, as part of a giving thanks series here near that holiday solely dedicated to thankfulness:

...praise be to you, my Lord, for all your creatures, above all Brother Sun, who gives us the light of day.  He is beautiful and radiant with great splendour, and so is like you most high God.  Praise be to you, my Lord, for Sister Moon, and the stars.  In heaven, you fashioned them, clear and precious and beautiful.

Praise be to you, my Lord, for Brother Wind, and for every kind of weather, cloudy or fair, stormy or serene, by which you cherish all that you have made.

Praise be to you, my Lord, for Sister Water, which is useful and humble and precious and pure.

Praise be to you, my Lord, for Brother Fire, by whom you lighten the night, for he is beautiful and playful and robust and strong.

Praise be to you, my Lord, for our Sister Earth, who sustains and governs us, and produces varied fruits and coloured flowers and herbs...

Praise and bless my Lord, giving thanks and serving him with great humility. 
--from Robert Van de Weyer's Book of Prayers

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